Manual not up to date. SendBytesToReady what is: contextObj?

Hi everybody,

I want to send a byte through the network.
I saw in the online man of NetworkServer that there is SendBytesToReady().
The problem is, the online man shows me this:

  • NetworkServer.SendBytesToReady(byte buffer, int numBytes, int channelId)

But the autocompletion on my side shows this:

  • NetworkServer.SendBytesToReady(GameObject contextObj, byte buffer, int numBytes, int channelId)

Should I ask them to update it? (if yes, where? how?)

Can we find more updated man to download?

What could be this new parameter?

Yes, submit a bug through the Unity Editor’s help menu. There is a category for documentation, I think.

As for the variable, in networking, a Context Object is usually exactly what it sounds like. It’s simply an object that gives context to the request. You give it an object, and when the response is received, it will come back with that same object, so you know what the response is regarding. Most of the time, the networking does nothing with this object, so it may be possible to simply use ‘null’ if you don’t need this functionality.