Manually creating a cubemap?

I am new to Unity and am trying to re-create a simple in scene I made in 3ds Max inside Unity.
I created 3 spheres and placed them in a row and placed a point light above them.
The middle sphere (in max) had a raytrace material attached creating a reflective surface but I cant a way of doing this in unity?

It seems that I need a cubemap which I then place into the reflective/diffuse material but how do you create a cube map?

Is it possible without buying a script?

Also a really noob question but how do you use scripts in unity?

in the middle sphere, you had a ray tracing material, like a mirror? I don’t know if any games really do that properly in real-time 3d, like Ray tracing reflections, although there are many mirrorlike shaders, and there may be some mirror shaders for unity somewhere on Google.

I think cube map is something like a skybox, if you see on the above page the only thing that is reflected on the object is the sky. they aren’t so easy to make, just look for a free skybox for unity somewhere, there is a pack of 10 of them around from someone really nice.

To learn how to use scripts and everything, try the worm game tutorial, I found that to be pretty good, once you have spent an hour on the 1st 6 episodes you are good to go, and then you just have to search a lot of answers online.

to use a script, you just make a script, and then drag it over to the object you want to apply to.
For example the following script, if you apply to your sphere, will show you the normals when you are in this scene view using the scene debug drawline function.

#pragma strict

function Update () {
    var mesh : Mesh = GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh;
    var vertices : Vector3[]  = mesh.vertices;
	var normals : Vector3[]  = mesh.normals;

    for (var i = 0 ; i < vertices.length; i++){//change all the UVs say they face flat on one axis
	vertices _=  transform.TransformPoint(vertices *);*_

Debug.DrawLine (vertices, vertices + (normals * 10), Color.yellow);