Manually place lightmaps


I’ve baked some lightmaps using beast from Unity and that all went well. When unity tried to import the lightmaps, it stopped, right at the end… When I started it up again it automatically reimported all the files, they are all there. However they were not assigned to their respective models.

Is there any way to manually place the lightmaps onto the models using the automatically created UVs that beast generated?

Simply dragging the lightmap onto the model doesn’t work as it is trying to use the imported UVs, which aren’t there. Also, I would prefer not to redo the lightmaps, since it took a bit over 3 hours…

Thanks for any help!

Just open you lightmap window, select the 3. pane (map), select the element(S) that the lightmap should be applied to, drag the proper lightmap onto the proper empty texture window.
-and voilá!