Manually tick a MuseBehavior?

Overall I’m VERY Excited about this new package! After spending some time with it, I noticed that BehaviorGraphAgent doesn’t have a way to manually tick the behavior tree. This would be nice to have so I can use my own custom networking code, or create an optimization to have different tick priorities for AI that are far away from the player.

Bonus would be the complete removal of the Update() function and have them register with some new class like BehaviorGraphAgentManager that is responsible for ticking them.

Thanks again for this awesome tool!

Hello @LostSignal, thank you for the feedback! I’m Laura, one of the engineers in the Muse Behavior team.

Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed using our tool! The ability to manually tick a behavior tree is definitely something that we would like to look into, as we want to add more features that help with optimising the execution of your behavior trees. I’ll pass along your suggestions to the team, hopefully this is something that we could work on for a future update as we continue to add new features.

Thanks a lot again for taking the time to give us feedback, and please let us know if you have any more comments or requests that could make Muse Behavior better! :slight_smile:

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Just to add a bit more, we 100% want some kind of LOD / dynamic frequency for this reason. If you have any suggestion on how it should work please let us know! We’re not sure if there is a one case fits all solution but we’re looking at ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @ShaneeNishry, nothing specific in mind. I agree, it might be too project specific. If I make anything cool that is pretty generic, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Hi @LostSignal, just FYI you can in fact tick the graph manually. If you look at the BehaviorGraphAgent.cs you can follow the steps to use the graph. The Blackboard and tick methods on BehaviorGraph.cs are public.

The init and blackboard overrides should be the only somewhat non trivial part :slight_smile:

That’s very true @ShaneeNishry, I could just replicate what BehaviorGraphAgent.cs is doing so I can tick the graph manually, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: