Many clicks required to select my UI button in Scene view

I have to click at least 3 times in order to select my prefab button. First click it selects the parent, next it selects the root, and finally it selects my button. It would be so nice if on the first click it would simply select my button. Is there a settings somewhere that enables that?

Try adding the SelectionBaseAttribute to a script on your button

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Thanks, the SelectionBaseAttribute makes it 90% less annoying.

Does anyone know though if there's a way to just start clicking through the hierarchy in the reverse order?

E.g. rather than canvas -> group -> scroll area -> viewport ->button
do button -> viewport -> scroll area -> group -> canvas

I wouldn't even mind if it was simulating 20 clicks in the background and took like 3.5 seconds per click to determine depth - it would be a slight improvement over what we have now.