Many !IsFinite errors

Since today, I get many

!node->m_AABB.IsValid() !ss->GetLocalAABB().IsValid() !IsFinite(outDistanceForSort) !IsFinite(outDistanceAlongView)


How to solve them?

I get them when I click into the scene view or when starting a game


This is most likely a Unity bug (especially when C++ code starts appearing in the Log window like that). You should file a bug report (Help > Report a problem). Be sure to include as much detail as possible, like what you were working on and the specific error message in its entirety.

In my case I found out that there was a vertex with all of it's component as {NaN, NaN, NaN} - not a value.

It was because of this:

Vector3 p = Vector3.Lerp(p0, p1, (float)i/(iters-1));


where iters happened to be 1 sometimes which makes it division by zero

I know what happend,my code describe the toolbar scale,when the value is something illegal ,it will be “!IsFinite(outDistanceForSort)” ,like a/b ,the b=0;

Another thing i will add: if one of your animations are looping the same frame, this can cause the errors. drove me nuts for a couple of mins trying to turn it off!

Just throwing in my two cents, I had this issue when using a blender object I imported that had leftover blendshapes (Shape Keys in blender terms) from another model I converted it from. Just in case this helps anyone else!

The solution for me was delete the wheel effects because that script has that problem.
Sorry my English because I’m from Brazil.

Just had the same problem. In my case it was indeed caused by a Unity generated box collider on one of the objects. For some reason, it wasn’t centred properly on the X axis, as soon as it was set back to zero, Unity stopped complaining about this AABB isfinite stuff.

In my case this was due to some bug related to Unity prefab car particles: “ParticleBurnoutSmoke”
I’ve made some changes in parameters of those particles and the problem was gone
Though I’m not sure which one of the changes worked finally =))