Many objects slow down Unity Scene View

I’m making a strategy game similar to Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis. The map is split up into provinces, each province is created by procedural generation where the app reads a Color map of the world, and then generates meshes for each province.

When each province’s mesh is created, it Instantiates a “Province” prefab and adds the Mesh to it. Each province and mesh becomes its own game object. The reason I do this is because I want each province to have its own attributes and functions.

In the end game, I want to be able to have 750 - 1200 provinces. But currently even with only ~150 provinces or so, my Unity becomes incredibly slow and if I select a Mesh in Scene View, it takes many seconds before the mesh actually get selected. Sometimes Unity crashes.

It seems as if it’s mostly the Unity Application, Scene View and Inspector that gets slow. Not the game itself within the “Game” window. The game have good framerate.

So… What am I doing wrong? Is it bad practise to have many Game Objects in Unity? Is it because I do Procedural Generation and for that reason everything is kept in Memory or something like that?

Well, two things to try:

1.) Try building the game. Is the slowdown still present? If not, then there’s no problem ^^

2.) Otherwise, try opening the profiler window and see what it is that’s actually causing the slowdown, then address the issue specifically.

My advice, don’t use the editor at all… It’s kinda useless for the type of game you’re trying to create. In fact, the editor is not meant for dynamic content. Here are also some steps I had to take to achieve being able to load in any CK2 map without issues