Mapping camera heading to arrow keys

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I am a visual designer and I am trying to find my way into a bit of the unity engine. I am trying to put the things that I create in cinema 4D into a virtual environment and walk though it. But the camera script that is standard in Unity (the First Person Controller) is unsuitable for casual walk throughs. I searched the web for smooth camera in Unity and found an entry at this link to And what I found there was exactky what I would expect of a camera to act like (turning with the arrow keys and only looking with click-and-drag movement.

How could I achieve this? I looked in the input manager but could find no reference to heading and pitch axes there...

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In the Input Manager you can define an input axis (call it "Turn" or "Horizontal") and map the A and D keys to the axis' negative and positive triggers. When A is down the axis will be -1, when D is down the axis will be 1, otherwise it will be 0. You can use those values to rotate your player object in an Update function.

Put this in a script attached to the game object that holds your Character Controller component:

var turnSpeed : float = 2.0;

function Update() {
transform.Rotate(Vector3(0, Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * Time.deltaTime * turnSpeed, 0));