Mapping equisolid fisheye image to a sphere

Hello everyone! I am trying to play 280 degree equisolid projected fisheye video on a sphere but I am failing to do so. As you can see from the image, there are some distortion on the crosswalk. Is it possible to map this kind of images without having a problem? I have seen some people converting this to an eqirectangular image with a software but I need to solve this in unity.
I would be really happy if someone knows how to approach this.
This is the source image

and this is what I’ve got when image is mapped to my 280 degree sphere=) (Btw, images are from different frames of a video. I just realized that they are not from the same frame)

Kind regards,

Hello , Same problem … do you find a solution ?


I also have the same problem. Any solution?