Mapping SDKs for the Vision Pro

I’ve been trying as many of the Mapping SDK’s built for Unity as I can find, to see if any work for the Vision Pro. ArcGIS and Bing SDKs both build successfully to Xcode, but then throw errors as shown in the screenshots attached. I’m new to Xcode. Is anybody here familiar with these errors?

they do not have a visionos binary

so far i am just using rest api to call map tiles. this works using vanilla unity networking.

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So no SDK then? Interesting. I guess that would work for what - both raster and vector. Where do you call your map tiles from? I guess if I can get everything back in JSON then I can make my own vector libraries, that is if Unity’s Polyspatial supported LineRenderers tho. Are you doing this with vector files or just raster images?

many mapping services have rest APIs
it returns json with raster image tile