Mario Kart Style Car Physics II


I would build a game like Mario Kart. The wheelColliders dont help me on this problem because its make a true handling experience.

I found the same question here: Mario Kart-style car Physics - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

And I thanks the answer, but the biggest problem its the steering and drift (not real drift) and i dont know how i will make it work.

Somebody can give me some orientation?

[sorry my bad english]

Ok, I’m not going to add much here, because I’m in the same spot, trying to figure out a very simplistic physics model.

So far, this is what I’ve done:

  • Regular rigidbody box applying addforce and addtorque, tried messing around with frictions, etc. Rotating from the front proved challenging, but overall, it was very hard to have a steering that felt “natural”
  • Let go of all of that, and worked with MoveRotation and MovePosition, I got a very decent “bicycle” based model working, the handling worked perfectly, felt very natural, so did the acceleration, breaking and drifting… But now collisions don’t work (except with the floor), and it seems pointless to rewrite all collision codes.

I have two new ideas which are:

  • combining both, like, using internally a “bicycle model” (check here: Simple 2D car steering physics in games | Engineering .NET) for steering, and then apply the calculations off of those to a torque in the car, to not lose all the collisions.

  • Embrace the physics model and use a joint between “front” and “back” of the car, that way steering will feel more natural and drifting will happen… probably friction of the back part will depend on speed and such.

Let me know if any of this helps :slight_smile: