Mario Kart Turtle Shell Rotation?

Does anyone know how to do the Mario Kart Turtle Shells? The ones that when you pick them up, they rotate around your character?

I’ve been trying todo a similar technique, but I’m having trouble with the Rotate Around Function. The Shells spin around me just fine, but if I rotate my character left, they slow down, and if I rotate my Character right, they speed up.

Also having trouble with the Instantiation so that they Parent/Follow my Character when Instantiated.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!

It sounds like you are not far off. You just need to compensate for the angular speed of the kart so that it does not propagate down to the angular speed of the shell orbit (which I believe you are wanting to be constant in world-space?). If your shell’s desired angular speed is C, and the kart’s angular speed is D, then your shell’s “local” angular speed needs to be C - D when applied.

As for parenting/following, you may want to post that as a separate question with sample code or more description.