mark animation as legacy


I keep getting an error saying I should mark an animation as legacy, However, whenever I do so, it then tells me I can’t have an animation controller when it is legacy. If I remove the controller, the animation simply doesn’t play.

What do I do to make sure that the animation can actually run?

If you are already using MechAnim Animation controller than it won’t ask you to mark your animation as Legacy.
If you want to run a legacy animation then you should attach Animation component instead of Animator to your Game Object.


Go to the 3 line icon near the lock icon in inspector and then click debug option(as show in the image below)

then click on the Animation clip that you want to mark as legacy and then there should be a option called legacy in the inspector click that!!

But you have to use Animation component instead of Animator component and use script to play the Animation!! i hope this helps :slight_smile: !!