Marketing Barrier

Guys I am really getting frustrated with this “marketing” issue.
I thought all I had to do is just to make a fairly decent game.
I spend months and months devoloping a game that is Original (and I believe a high quality by my high standerd as a 2d animator and 3d Model expert myself ).
I put all my hope in this and even quit my job for it… a few days in and still only 6 installs !!
now I don’t know if it’s the name or something , but It is just not showing up at all !!
is this normal or I’m missing something here?
do I have to do some drastic major or is it all about social media promotion useless-crap?
please give me your insight before I start regretting all the time wasted making this game and go back to animation…

If you’ve attended any sort of developer conference in the last 5 years you’ll have seen countless post-mortems about how it’s virtually impossible for indies to break into the mobile market. There are around 2,500 new games released every day onto the Google Play store - is yours really that special to be spotted among the crowd? How much have you spent on marketing/ads? Did you engage with your target audience during development with a devlog etc.? Which news sites did you contact on release?

Honest feedback on your game? Your description page is littered with spelling errors - get someone with better English to proof-read/edit it. The gameplay looks like, well, 3d tetris - a game that is 30 years old - hardly innovative. The graphics look ok, but the default font used looks ugly (is it Impact?). And finally it contains ads and in-app purchases - not for me.

Thanks for your reply @tanoshimi
well… I knew there are around 2500 new games released every day and tbh I did not spend any time on marketing and that I knew if I had to, or how to (which was my question in the first place) heck I didn’t know people read the description until now ! :smiley:

I never expected it to become the next “Clash of Clans” (or flappy bird) , all I’m saying is that there are lots of worst looking games with much higher results
and I don’t need to give you examples ( I don’t like insulting other people’s work, you can check the store yourself and see what I’m talking about ).
I mean of course it has Ads where do you think people make a living of game devolopment?
beside it has an option to remove Ads which is “Optional”…you want a great game with no Ads nor IAP…classic gamer :smiley:
You were right the description is not very percise (english is not my first language) and the font IS actually (Impact) but I don’t think that could be the reason why i’'t not showing on the algorithm.
it’s an average game with average expectations.
and finally I wante some effective promotion tipps please…