mars device view camera doesn't move in play mode

I have a MARS license and the simulation and device views setup. I am using one of the MARS sample template scenes. I have pressed play in the tool bar within the device view and attempted to move around using the right mouse button and WASD as suggested in the device view popup tooltip. The camera however does not seem to move. The simulation camera moves as expected.

Hey there,

Just to confirm, are you in the Simulation rather than Device views?

You have to always keep the right mouse button pressed to be able to walk around with WASD. Simple answer but I also did the mistake to only look around with the right mouse button and then try to move with WASD. Hope this helps!

I am in the device view when I am attempting this, since the tool tip appears in the device view I would expect using fly cam controls (holding left mouse and using WASD) to move the device view camera. I am able to move the simulation view camera using fly cam controls in the simulation view as stated in the original post. I am able to move the device view camera in play mode by using the fly cam controls (holding right click and using WASD) but only in the scene view. However when exiting play mode the device view camera returns to its original location.