MARS Room X-Ray shader pink with URP 7.3.1

is there a way to solve this problem ?

SimEnvironment_Wall material was not upgraded. There's no upgrader to convert MARS/Room X-Ray shader to selected pipeline
UnityEditor.Rendering.Universal.UniversalRenderPipelineMaterialUpgrader:UpgradeSelectedMaterials() (at Library/PackageCache/com.unity.render-pipelines.universal@7.3.1/Editor/UniversalRenderPipelineMaterialUpgrader.cs:37)


Looks like they need to write a URP/shadergraph version of the shader, as it's not one of the ones the auto-upgrader can work with.

I have the same problem issue with URP 9.0.0 preview.

Hi, unfortunately we were not able to create an x-ray shader solution that works outside of the built in renderer. We are looking to improve Unity MARS's rendering compatibility with URP in upcoming releases. Till then you can apply the base material shader for the SRP you are using to not see the magenta shader error on the materials. If the walls are getting in the way of the view you can disable the Mesh Render component on that game object. Look in the MARS Panel -> Environment Hierarchy and find the Walls Game Object. You can also your the ">" to open the prefab for the environment and edit it that way.

@JonathanNUnity :
thanks, your answer is ok for the Walls object but what about the GeneratedSimulatedPlane(Clone) material, who is still pink. Where do you change the shader for the SimulatedPlaneMaterial ?

@matUnity75 The SimulatedPlaneMaterial Material is located inside the packages under Packages/com.unity.mars/Runtime/Materials/SimulatedPlaneMaterial.mat

Since these materials are part of the package none of them are editable in the editor (Unity 2019.3.13). Any suggestions are how to change them so they are not pink with URP?

EDIT ----

For now, I have switched my project over to the built-in renderer, but since my project is targeting mobile platforms ideally I’ll be able to convert it to URP in the future. Hopefully the MARS team gets the URP issue resolved sooner than later.

Did you try updating that shader with the shader upgrader that comes with URP?

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