MARS with Universal Render Pipeline

Hi, We would like to use MARS with URP. It looks like the MARS environments are not upgrading to URP. Could you please assist me with this issue? Thanks


Hey @FutureSystems , if the pink materials are the issue, you can simply change the shader on them (there are only a handful of shared materials used). Please excuse the hassle,

Thanks I fixed the materials but the problem is that I do not see the MARS Gizmos and Proxy Planes and I am wondering whether that is related to URP? I have attached the images from the MARS documentation which I follow but the purple objects do not appear in My Scene nor Simulation View in URP.

Hi @FutureSystems , in some of the shaders in Unity MARS we use the first pass as a depth pre pass. In URP these passes need to be tagged to draw correctly with the normal forward pass. Both DepthMask.shader and TexturedStableFresnel.shader need Tags{"LightMode" = "DepthOnly"} added to the beginning of their first pass.

You could also replace the shaders in the package with the ones I have attached in these locations

  • /Library/
  • /Library/

This will addressed in an upcoming release.


  • Updated files to remove the .txt extension.
  • Added locations of files to replace.

6023051–651959–TexturedStableFresnel.shader (1.46 KB)
6023051–651962–DepthMask.shader (368 Bytes)

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Thanks a lot for the explanation but I am not quite sure what to do with the two files that you have attached. Shall I put them somewhere in the unity project directory?

im having a strange issue on restarting unity with mars in URP on 2019.4.1f1 or 2019.3.15f1 …it will instantly crash if the simulation/device windows were left open … can you please share if you had any such issues ? thanks appreciate!

@FutureSystems I updated my previous reply with the shader files with fixed file extensions and the locations in your project where they are located.

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Hi there, just updated to Unity Mars 1.3. / Unity 2019.4.18f1 / Universal RP 7.5.3… When working with Mars 1.2. changing the files as mentioned here worked… now in 1.3. with every opening of the project it jumps back to the default, which is a black mask?? Can you help on how to keep it transparent?