MaskableGraphic stopped working on iOS after upgrade from 2018.3.8 -> 2019.2.6

We have a number of elements that inherit from MaskableGraphic.
These were all working fine in 2018.3.8. We then upgraded our project to 2019.2.6f1 and now all of those classes have stopped masking but only on ios.

Everything works as expected in editor (in android and ios platforms) and on Android devices, but on iOS devices masking has stopped working for these inherited classes.

Did something change? Anyone had this issue that might be able to point me in the right direction?

Hello @jason_unity266

I am also facing the same issue after grading unity from 2018.2.3 to 2019.2.6. But I am facing this issue on IOS 9 and 10, above 10 it is working fine.

For testing purpose, I have created a new project and only added one image and masking on it. In this case masking is working on Editor but not on IOS mentioned version.

Then I try to downgrade unity version from 2019.2.6 to 2019.2.0, again faced same issue.

By following the same process I have downgrade unity version to 2019.1.14 and on this version it is working.

I think it might be a bug of Unity 2019.2 or we need to check any property while making build.

If any Unity team guy can reply on this thread that will be very helpful. @jason_unity266 if you get any solution then please share on this also that will also be helpful for others.

More information:

  • It appears that a Mask component does not properly connect to the associated maskablegraphic in some cases.
  • I was able to replicate by creating an image, with a mask on the same component, and an image below it to be masked.
  • This works correctly.
  • I then remove the first image (connected to the mask), and add my maskablegraphic component
  • The mask then fails to work
  • You can fix this by removing the mask component, and readding it.

Still testing the solution.