Mass Place Trees lie flat

I know this question has been asked before but I didn’t find a proper solution yet an I am starting to get really frustrated! When I try to place custom made trees from blender, the trees always lie flat. My trees were made with blender which uses the right hand system for the axis (z is up).

  1. Placing trees results in them lying flat since Unity wants them to stand upright (0 degrees rotation)
  2. Placing my trees in an empty game object (with the trees rotated by 90 degrees) will result in the tree editor reporting an error since it doesn’t seem to be able to place trees that are children of empty objects.
  3. Turning the by 90 degrees in blender before importing them doesn’t work either. They are still lying.
  4. Exporting the trees as .fbx with the y axis set as up doesn’t work either.

@Baldinoboy had a suggestion that seemed to work, but it doesn’t work for me…

Sorry but my last answer was quite bad. Have worked on it a lot more since and now know that the tree has to be upright in Blender but have a x90 rotation.

First make sure that the rotation is 0,0,0. What I do with this is enter edit mode and rotate the tree, using the 3d cursor at 0,0,0 as the pivot point, along the x axis -90. Then exit Edit Mode and rotate it in Object Mode along the x axis 90. So now the rotation should show X 90 | Y 0 | Z 0 and the tree should be upright in Blender. Importing into Unity now should have an upright tree with no rotation when manually placing and be upright with terrain placement