Mass producing new scriptable objects?

I’d like to generate a large number of randomized items etc, but have them saved as scriptable objects so that I have the potential of going through them and fine-tuning the details. In other words, I’d like the results to be version-controlled and static - this is more of a development tool to assist in generating a large amount of content rather than something to randomize the game.

In particular, I’d like to generate a fairly complex tech tree, where each tech item scriptable object has a parent and children, and doing the structure of this programmatically seems like a far better approach than entering each one in manually and no doubt making some topographical mistakes.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi , I recently created a similar editor script for creating and assigning them to their parent-child scriptable objects. also auto-sync with online database that holds that scriptable object structure. it is fairly easy in fact, not as hard as it sounds. just one quick tip about creating scriptable objects from code. they don’t serialize by unity on fly. you should mark them as serializable and also you should set dirty them for not losing data when entering play mode for example.
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I agree that generating large amount of randomised data is better by script. Apart from what @NorthStar79 wrote, I would make a separate scene for generation of the tech tree data, use a main script for running the generation, with configurable parameters (number of objects to generate, where to put them, etc.).