Massive File Header Build Size

I am making a game for iOS and we are having problems with File Header size. For some reason, the file header size comes out to be 222mb which is ridiculous. I could not find much helpful information online about what is causing this and I have taken some (rather unsuccessful) moves towards reducing size:

  • I have only made things navigation static (and thats it) when they require it (terrain and terrain objects like trees, crates, etc)

  • There is no excessive tagging or layering in nested objects

  • The resources folder contains only a few every small prefabs

What should I do?

Editor Log:

Textures 3.6 mb 1.3%

Meshes 1.5 mb 0.5%

Animations 30.3 kb 0.0%

Sounds 85.7 kb 0.0%

Shaders 375.1 kb 0.1%

Other Assets 910.2 kb 0.3%

Levels 2.2 mb 0.8%

Scripts 708.0 kb 0.2%

Included DLLs 3.9 mb 1.4%

File headers 222.5 mb 79.5%

Complete size 280.0 mb 100.0%

Though I still do not know the cause of my problem, I was able to fix it by copying over the contents of each scene into a new empty scene and eliminate 250mb of file header.