Massive Open world, is modular a good idea.

I’m working on a massive open world map which uses multiple terrains and takes about 30 min to get from one side to the other. I want to make a small town were the player starts when the game is loaded. I was thinking to make multiple buildings 1 story buildings like bungalows, would it be a good idea to make the buildings from modular pieces(Walls, Door, Windows,Floor,Ceiling) or to make the building just in blender as one model. - its also to include interior and exterior?

What would be good for the following:

  • Batching

  • Occlusion baking?(Correct term)

  • NavMesh - for ai

  • And lightmapping

Unity has around a 65k limit on colliders so you want to keep things under that. I had the same plan that you did when i wanted to make a game so i placed 100k trees and things started getting wonky… If you can it would be best to make the WHOLE map or towns in a 3d editor.

“Note that the PhysX engine used by Unity only handles a maximum of 65536 colliders in a scene.”