Master server connection problems

Hello guys, recently I have a problem with setting up my own master server.

After I downloaded the pre-compiled master server and facilitator [here] 1:, I run the two programs, then started my game. I am testing my game by running two instances on single machine. The game runs fine when I use the IP address “”, where up to 5 players can connect and interact with each other. But unfortunately, when I tested the game on two machines, the master server could not be registered and clients cannot find servers. I followed the instructions in the link I mentioned before, changing IP addresses and port numbers in the master server and facilitator. I used the IP address I found in

What do you think is the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Use port forwarding.

or use NATPuncthrough when setting up and connecting to the master server - you wont need to portforward then! :smiley: