Master Server Problems (networking)

Hello, after using Unity's example code that retrieves servers from the master server (found here:, I have come across some problems.

For some reason, the master server doesn't always show the games that I have created even when refreshing multiple times.

I thought it might have been my code, but everything seems fine; I register the server on the Master Server correctly when I start a game.

Is there anything I might be doing wrong, or is Unity's networking so buggy that it cannot even list a game that host?

All in all, the connection to the master server is an internet connection, since the master server is a remote unity platform which is offering this specific service.
To verify that you might have an ISP-wide problem or not, change your internet access DNS servers, for example replacing them with OPENDNS servers.
If you see a change in the master server’s response, you might ask your ISP for an explanation.

However, most probably, you have a local computer issue, especially if you’re using an antivirus or operating system firewall (for example i’m sure that zone alarm or such can complicate communication to a remote network service like the master server).

Additionally, assure that you’re using the “complete” master server suite connect suite that checks for NAT and tries to punchthrough, straight out from the project that you can download here