MasterServer project for VS2005 ?

Is there a plan for someone from UT update the project file for the MasterServer to work in VS2005 and beyond?

Or can I just ignore the 132 warnings I get in VS2005 when I build the project?

Aren't those warnings just lovely Microsoft "deprecating" C's standard library functions? Starting from VS2005, they give warnings on code that uses memcpy, strlen and other standard functions. Because those functions can be unsafe if used incorrectly...

Ok, so after making a build... we have discovered that the master/server portion seems to work fine... but the nat facilitator doesnt seem to work...

We can see the connection coming in, but all our machines come back saying they cant determine nat capabilities.

Pointing the facilitator back at UT works fine.

Could this be because it's an internal/private IP address we are connecting too?

But thats the connection tester, its a separate server. If your games facilitator of choice is not the same as the connection testers facilitator, then the connection test will not work. They must both use the same facilitator.

To be of any use in the real world, the master server/facilitator should be on public IP addresses.

Ok, I guess we wont be running our own MS for now then as we cant get it on a public IP at the moment. Thanks for the quick response.

To be of any use in the real world, the master server/facilitator should be on public IP addresses.

Ok this makes no sense to me, I must be misreading this. All of the master servers would be behind firewalls and natted. This is what nat punch through is for. The server would have an internal IP address and the public IP would be different than that of the actual physical server IP.

On top of that, it should never matter what the public IP is since you should be able to set a server on a dynamic IP and use DNS to find it. Have your game server run on like UnityGame.MyWebHost.COM and then that directs to the IP of your server. Every time your game client loads it looks for that name and attaches to the server.

Why would Unity require a physical IP since those are never available anyway.

It is using Rakknet and this is not a limitation of Rakknet. Jenkins didn't make that kind of limitation in his code.

I think you misunderstood. We are talking about this kind of master server (not general game servers).