Match animation with scene objects

Hi to all,

i am new to animation and i have some animations that i am currently using for my character. I have an issue how to match an animation let’s say a wall climb animation with a wall object that it 2m high om my scene and another that is let’s say 2.5m so as that regardless the height the animation is always on the correct position and not look like a weird unnatural character climbing on the air

thanks in advance.

You need to develop environmental, movement and animation to match with others and a lot of script fine tuning.

The important stuff is have animations that match with your environment. Walking->Climb, Climb->Loop, Climb->Walk. When you get near of the wall,fire first animation, then loop in the second one until reach the top, finally, fire the third to get out.

Take a look at this pdf, in the part about climb walls, if it helps you in someway:

So, if I am understanding the question correctly, you can just abort the animation when you hit the right height and return to the first frame. No one will notice the frame-jump.