Match Level 2 With Level 2 questions and answers?

I cannot get the Level 2 answers to display during Level 2, instead I am getting the same Q&A for every round. I have a System.Serializable set up and a return allRoundData[0] in the DataController which is why Level 1 questions are being displayed.

How would I fix allRoundData[0] so I can make the data align with the Level.?
Or how would I add a new function that will break up the System.serializable so I can put the specific Q&A with the specific Level?

If this Is not worded right, just let me know and I’ll explain, but I REALLY need help!

As you said, allRoundData[0] will always return the first element so you should definitely not hard-code the index 0 but you should use allRoundData[levelNumber - 1] to get the correct level data. Using you existing design, levelNumber could be a public variable in the DataController that is set for each level in the editor (since you use a separate scene for each level).

If I am not clear maybe you should show the code of the DataControllerclass.