MatchDesc.averageEloScore is always 0


I asked the same question in the forum, but never got any answer, so here it is:

I’m testing the ELO based ordering for unity’s Matchmaking feature. I create the game using the CreateMatchRequest object, and search for a game using the ListMatchRequest object.

In both objects I set a random Elo score. When I get search results, the averageEloScore value is always 0.

I have seen a bug report on this issue, and it is currently “Closed (Fixed)”. But there’s no way to know in what version it’s fixed. (Unity Issue Tracker - Elo score always 0 in list match results)

I also have similar issues with the matchAttributes, they are always null in the results, but I don’t need this feature as much as the elo score, right now.


Here’s a sample of my code:

    public void StartAutoMatchMakingMode(System.Action<string> aOnStatusChangedCallback = null)
        int myELO = 10 + Random.Range(-2, 2);
        ListMatchRequest lmr = new ListMatchRequest();
        lmr.eloScore = myELO;        //Use ELO for List Match request
        lmr.includePasswordMatches = false;
        lmr.pageNum = 0;
        lmr.pageSize = 20;
        lmr.nameFilter = "";        //Cannot be null
            delegate(ListMatchResponse aMatchListResponse)
                if (aMatchListResponse.success && aMatchListResponse.matches.Count > 0)
                    //at least one match found, join the first
                    MatchDesc match = aMatchListResponse.matches[0];        //match.averageEloScore is always 0 !!
                    NetworkManager.matchName =;                  
                    NetworkManager.matchSize = (uint)match.currentSize;
                    NetworkManager.matchMaker.JoinMatch(match.networkId, "", OnMatchJoined);
                    //create match
                    //NetworkManager.matchMaker.CreateMatch(NetworkManager.matchName, NetworkManager.matchSize, true, "", OnMatchCreate);
                    CreateMatchRequest ms = new CreateMatchRequest();
                    ms.advertise = true;
                    ms.password = "";        //Leave blank for no password. Cannot be null
           = "UltimateMatch";
                    ms.size = 2;
                    ms.eloScore = myELO;                                    //Create match with myELO score
                    /*Dictionary<string, long> attributes = new Dictionary<string, long>();
                    attributes.Add("MatchMode", 666);
                    attributes.Add("TestValue", 4);
                    ms.matchAttributes = attributes;*/
                    NetworkManager.matchMaker.CreateMatch(ms, OnMatchCreate);

They’re known bugs