Matching Any Element of an Array

Hey, for the same Japanese project as before, some Kanji have multiple accepted meanings, so I am expressing meaning as an array. How can I check that Student Input matches ANY element of an array? What I currently have only checks the first meaning. Also, how can I make this not be case-sensitive, or is it already?

function checkAll () {
for (var currentKanji in allKanji) {
if (currentKanji.studentInput == currentKanji.meaning[0]){
total += 1;
total = total/160;

I would use a List. instead of an Array, and check

if (meaningList.Contains(studentInput)){

Or you could create another for loop, and do

for (var i: int = 0; i< currentKanji.meaning.Length; i++)
    if (currentKanji.studentInput == currentKanji.meaning*)*

total += 1;

Try this:

import System.Linq;
import System.Collections.Generic;


if( currentKanji.meaning.Any(function(m){return m==currentKanji.studentInput;})) { 

Or if you want to be really short, you can skip the outer loop too (although I’m assuming you wanted that total to be divided by 160 in a slightly different place, it didn’t make sense to me where it was):

 total = allKanji.Aggregate(0, function(c,n) { return c + ( n.meaning.Any( function(m) { return m==n.studentInput; } ) ? 1 : 0  );   }) / 160;