Matchmaker "create match" does nothing...

I can create lan host, lan server, join and play - everything is just fine using Network Manager HUD.

But when I am trying to use matchmaker it just does nothing… I have tried to change server address also.
I am using free Unity version right now. Is that an issue? When I will buy pro version matchmaking will work? But why then there is no warnings or errors?..

It’s frustrating…


There are a few steps that you could have missed, so for now make sure:

  • you have the Project set up in Unity ID
  • you have the correct Player Settings in your project (Company and project name for example)

Also, how are you using the matchmaking?
You first have to “create internet match” with one client and then “find internet match” with another client. If the other client found the match, you can then click “Join Match: YOURMATCHNAME”.

Oh Thank you for answer really!
I don’t see my project there to be honest… I will to try to add it to listing and will write about results…

Hi all.

Did it solve the problem? I’m trying to follow the steps in manual, “Internet connection callbacks”:

  1. "Host: To set your game up in Host Mode, select Enable Match Maker (M) > Create Internet Match or use the API function CreateMatch()
  2. Client: To set your game up in Client mode, select Enable Match Maker (M) > Find Internet Match > Join Internet Match"

But this is what happens:

  1. On host, after clicking on “Create Internet Match” button there’s no change in the HUD, only a log is printed in the console: “MatchMakingClient Create:
  2. On client, after clicking on “Find Internet Match”, nothing happens. Unlike the manual says, no “Join Internet Match” button appears.

I already have the NetworkManager project set up in Unity ID