Material Bugs when moving project to Unity 5.3.4f


I created a large outdoor scene for a project at work, and I had everything set up correctly - assets were placed, and materials were looking good. I hadn’t opened the project in a few months, and since then, i have updated to Unity 5.3.4f. Today i opened my project, and it prompted me that it was built using an older version, but I went ahead and clicked continue to allow the rebuild.

The problem is, that now most of my asset’s materials look strange. They have a very weird blotchy, pixelated look to them (see before and after images). I tried opening the Lighting window and pushing “build” to rebake the scene lighting, but it did not help.

If I drag a new instance of a prefab into the scene, the materials look normal again, but it will be a ton of work to have to position every object in the scene again.

Any ideas?

A co-worker and I just spent a lot of time playing around with every different combination of lighting we could think of, between the FI baked, and GI Realtime and directional light settings. What we have now discovered is that when we make an asset not static, the material renders properly. And when an asset is static, the strange blotchy effect happens again. This leads us to believe that it is a problem with the lighting bake.

Here is a screenshot where one trailer is set to static, and the other is not - with baked lighting.


So my solution will have to be to set all my assets with the blotchy material bug to not be static, but this will come at the cost of performance. I’d like to know what the reason for this is. The good news is that my terrain is set to static, and the blotchy effect seems to not happen to it.

If anyone has any insight into this, I’d still like to know. One thing we did notice is that when we exported everything from my scene into a new project, we did notice that the new Direction Light for Unity 5.3.4f has more/different properties than the older versions. We thought this may have been the issue, but it was not.