Material Colour changes after switching build Platforms

I was working on my project originally for “PC Mac Linux Standalone” platform in the build settings. I wanted to create a build for Android, so I changed the target platform in the build settings, Later, I ended up scratching the Android idea, and when I switched back to PC Standalone from Android, my materials had this greenish glow on them. I checked the material itself, all the albedo and other maps are still properly assigned and there’s no green tint applied. The green tint apparently only exists in the Scene and Game views. I am totally clueless what changes can switching between platforms can bring or how to go about this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Did you get it right?

Same problem here, but switching to WebGL, and the color of every single material turns greenish yet the setups of them are the same

Maybe the graphics color space mode is setted to Gamma in one platform and linear in the other.