Material Distortion - Problem on mobile device


Dark stripes appear when building on ios. I am using unity 2017.1.0 and xCode 8.3.3 (8E3004b)

I am using the standard unity shader, so the materials are very basic. I am also using one directional light in the scene.

The game runs perfect in the unity editor, the problem only accours when building for ios (iPhone 6s).

It also does not happen all the time, but the first 12 seconds it will run without problems. Always after 12 seconds, the problem accours. See the attached images.

I will be happy to share more information if needed :slight_smile:


I went under Edit->Project Settings->Graphics. From there I changed the Tier Settings for ios. I ticked all the boxes except from “Prefer 32 bit shadow maps”, and I changed from R11G11B10 to FP16.

This seemed to do the trick, but I have no idea why this happened or why this fixed it. If anyone have any ideas, you are very welcome to share them here. I have also been in contact with the unity team, but they were unable to reproduce the bug.