material example library?

I'm looking for a readymade library of simple side-by-side examples that show off Unity Pro's built-in shaders. The docs show screenshots of such a library - it's just a bunch of spheres with unique materials on each. It'd be handy to have the source files, so my students and I can play with them inside Unity, deconstruct the materials, compare our engine's results to what we see in the docs, etc.

I will probably build my own if there aren't any already done - get in touch if you'd like one as well.

Thanks in advance, Unity people!


You can find all of the source code for the Unity Builtin shaders here. Setting up a scene with some default textures sourced from the internet or built yourself shouldn't be too hard to create.

If you have Pro, there is a "Samples" scene (Pro Standard Assets/Samples) that showcases the various shaders. Is that what you're after?