Material is not stretching on Meshes

I used this script to draw some polygons:

I changed this part, to set the base texture coordinates of the mesh:

// Create the Vector3 vertices
Vector3[] vertices = new Vector3[vertices2D.Length];
Vector2[] uvs = new Vector2[vertices2D.Length];
for (int i = 0; i < vertices.Length; i++)
	vertices <em>= new Vector3(vertices2D_.x, vertices2D*.y, 0);*_</em>

uvs = new Vector2(vertices2D_.x, vertices2D*.y);
msh.uv = uvs;
Now I set a material to the created GameObject, like this:
polygonObject.GetComponent().material = blueMaterial;
The material of the GameObject has changed, but it now consists of thousands of small pictures of the desired one:

The picture isn’t a small one (1600x1200). The size of the picture in the background is like (2600x1600). So there is clearly something wrong.
How can I get this fixed, so the material of the GameObject fits the picture?

Little rundown on UVs. for a mesh to know what to display it has normalized information about where to read pixels on a texture. since the size can be any size, some smart people thought that could be normalized. That means a value of 0,0 is the lower left of a texture and 1,1 is the upper right of a texture no matter the size.
what you need to do is apply values between 0 to 1. larger values just repeat the texture as you can see.