Material projected to players position.

I’ve been looking around for a possible way to do this however haven’t come across anything obvious yet. What I’m trying to do is have a flat circle, lets just say its green for these purposes, that follow the player around on the ground. Then if the circle intersects with something raised from the ground it should react accordingly rather than “sliding” underneath it if that makes sense. I’ve look at using a projector however I’m having trouble coming up with the intended results as my material is just tiled across my whole scene. Any ideas?

You can achieve this by putting a spot light above your character. It can be a green spotlight. Perhaps you could turn off shadow casting for it to keep a shadow from getting in the way. Make it a child of the player game object. As you move around the game, it will react to the scenery as you’d expect.

–EDIT You should also remove your character from the layers that the light will react to.