Material shaders losing name connection

I've only just started having this problem and I needed helping finding out if the issue is Unity or Maya (though I'm thinking Unity since I haven't changed the way I export my scenes from Maya).

I opened up my scene in Unity with updates to the objects, along with some object additions, however, the objects that were updated had their material names set to the texture name instead of the name I assigned the Shader in Maya.

Example: I have one brick texture, but I assign it to two different shaders since I will be tiling them differently. I assign them the names Brick10x10 and Brick5X20. Previously when I went into unity the Materials kept these names. Now those names are gone and just say Brick.

This has become an even bigger problem since I tried just importing a whole new scene instead of just parts and ALL of the materials lost their names. I know I can manually reassign them since the materials with the names are in the Material folder, but that would take a long time and I would like to know what exactly is going on.

You have to switch material generation mode (on FBXImporter settings) from “Per Texture” to “Per Material”.