Material Texture Capacity

I am wondering if there's a material type that will take diffuse AND specular with a normal map. So far all I've seen is materials taking diffuse OR specular. Maybe it's only a Pro feature

Just use the "Bumped Specular" Shader, it combines all the parts you are looking for:

  • The "Main Color" represents the diffuse reflectivity - set it to black, and your material is purely specular.
  • The "Specular Color" repesents the specular reflectivity. This value is responsible for the intensity and color of your view dependent highlight. Use the Shininess slider to control the size of the highlight. Set it to black and your material is diffuse only.
  • The "BaseMap" is the diffuse texture, weighted with the MainColor
  • The "Bumpmap" is the normal distortion map, which is used for both Specular and Diffuse components - which makes sense, since you wand both lighting componence to be influenced by the same normal deviation, otherwise it will look incorrect. However, it is mainly used for specular reflections, since they are much more easily noticeable.

Just reduce the shinyness on the specular, you can't have both! The specular is just the difuse specular.