material tiling no longer works after upgrading to 5.3.3

I have a material that renders a forward-facing camera’s WebCamTexture. A few months ago I set the X offset to -1 so that the texture would mirror the player. Everything was working and I never touched it again.

I realized today that the mirroring isn’t happening anymore. When I tinker with the tiling and offset, nothing happens. I did recently upgrade from 5.2.1 to 5.3.3, so I’m concluding that the upgrade is the cause of this problem.

Could it be something else? Am I tripping? Is there another way to mirror this material?

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: @FortisVenaliter It’s the tiling settings in the inspector that I’ve been playing with. Here are screenshots of the old and new Unity versions with their behavior. In 5.3.3, changing tiling settings doesn’t do anything. I even copied the old, working material to the 5.3.3 project, in case something happened during the version upgrade, but it had no effect.

Perhaps you could try using NatCam with a shader that flips horizontally.