Material tiling not working correctly after updating unity version.

I’m having a issue with my project, since I upgraded it from unity version 2020.3.27f1 to version 2021.3.1f1, where the tiling of materials is not working correctly.

It used to work by setting normalized x, y values on the tiling, but now, it seems to only work if I set the values as x, -y. Or at least it used to work, since now, even with negative y values, the texture isn’t stretching correctly.

I tried changing the texture type from Default to Sprite and Vice versa. Also tried changing some settings but there’s no change.

I made a video showcasing the problem in question.

Someone has an idea of what is going on?

I found out why, and at the same time that’s dumb, and also expected.

So, engines except for unity, are oriented towards x, y, while unity is actually x, -y.

That’s also valid for materials, and for material tiling to work, need to go from left on x, and from bottom for y, so you literally have to start from 1, and go towards 0.

I really thought this would be an exception, but I was wrong

To fix the issue, I had to start my tiling vertical orientation from 1 - dimensionoftile, and make it climb upwards until 0.

I’m really disappointed now, not only due to how the material tiling works, but also not receiving support about this, even more since looks like a simple mistake.

Anyways, here’s the result. At least now I can try fixing the UV Mapping issues and also try fixing the artifact on the sprites.

Also, the reason why it worked before, was because I had left Mirror setting on texture on, so it was mirroring the texture part I were wanting, which isn’t a solution.