Material with Transparency/Cutoff/Diffuse shows dark color


When i create a material with an PNG and the Transparency/Cutoff/Diffuse shader, the color shows perfectly in the editor, but not in the game.

When i select the color green (0,255,0,1) it shows correctly in the game, but if i select the color red (255,0,0,1) it shows black. Im rendering a texture with: `Graphics.DrawTexture(buttonRect, ButtonTexture, MainMaterial);`

alt text

Ive attached a screenshot of my editor. The material on the right is used while rendering the texture (Arrow). It shows it correctly in the editor, but it shows it really dark in the game.

Can anyone help me?

It's dark because it is not being lit, switch to use a shader more suitable for a GUI that doesn't need a light. (try using this shader