Materials are grayed out/ can't edit them

I can’t edit the materials from my truck model, they’re grayed out.

Why did this happen and how can I reverse that??

The 3d model was made with Blender and was imported to Unity directly as a .blend file and thus the materials in Unity were created automatically.

I guess, you have also materials and textures connected to fbx. You can extract materials and then edit them.
This can be helpful:

as Mentioned by @Prastiwar ,

the material of the default assets cannot directly be edited, sometimes imported materials too.

intead, create a new material in your project window (right click → create-> material) and drag it on the object (in the viewport, hierachy or inspector). then you should be able to edit it.

Go to model and check tap material there search for your material which you want to change there will be list of materials applied on model drag your material and then apply. Sorry for English gamer mistakes . if you are unable to change then inform me i will tell you again thank you

Patrick please read the posts carefully - you can edit them, you just have to change the import mode… What’s more the changes are remembered if you reimport the model…

For anyone else who may stumble upon this, and wasn’t importing FBX or anything like that.
A UI element that has a mask on it won’t allow you to control the material as well, graying it out.