Materials dark after some builds

This known issue is listed in the 0.4 release notes:

  • Occasionally, the app builds occasionally show up very dark when doing subsequent builds (replace and append).

Could I get some more information about what is causing this, and how to work around it? I had the issue immediately after upgrading, and it went away at some point. Recently I’ve had to delete and rebuild my Library folder due to a Unity crash the issue has returned and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried all combinations of append, replace, and building into an empty directory.


In the FAQ in the package you can find this:

Q: My content is too dark in visionOS simulator**

  • In the visionOS simulator, try using Device → Erase All Content and Settings and/or switching to a different environment (Museum (Day) versus Living Room (Day), for instance).

Thankyou! I found that restarting the simulator seemed to fix it (this time).