Materials do not show in Custon Meshes

I have a number of custom meshes in my Scenes, but when I add materials to them, the same that I have on Planes, Cubes etc. I only get a solid color similar to the material. I have changed the tiling, albedos, everything, no difference.

Sounds like you haven’t assigned texture coordinates to your mesh correctly - check the mesh.uv property.

Like @tanoshimi said your meshes most likely don’t have texture coordinates. If you created those meshes outside of Unity in a modelling tool (blender, maya, 3dsmax, c4d, …) you have to unwrap your model there before you import it into unity. Unwrapping is the process of creating UV coordinates for every vertex of your mesh so each vertex has a reference to a point on the texture.

If you created those meshes procedurally inside Unity using a script, you have to calculate them manually. Since we have no idea how your mesh looks like we can’t tell what your UV coordinates should look like.

In general the uv property contains an array of Vector2 coordinates. The array has to have the same length as the vertices array, as every vertex need it’s own uv coordinate.

If you don’t know how to unwrap a model, just do a quick search for your used modelling tool. Unwrapping is something that isn’t done in Unity. The UV coordinates should be generated in the modelling tool that you used to create those models.


I asked about how Meshmixer can get my Meshes ready for this, and they said I need to do some adjustments.

They reccommended Memento (An Autodesk free program that’s in Beta) and I re-rexported all my meshes “Rebaking Textures”. Now my materials show.