materials dont look the same in blender and in unity

it is very anoying to work several hours ona a blender model to then transfer it into unity and it looking like it was made out of playdough. i am not good with blender but i would like the stuff that i make that does not look half bad to stay, not half bad. but for some reason unity changes around materials, a lot. the worse its got are materials only visible on the inside, kind of like if it was painted inside out, though reflective materials looking like playdough is anoying. if some one knows of some good tutorials (preferably free) that will teach me how to create 3d models to be inported into unity, pls let me know about them. thank you verry much

Select your model, look at import settings in Unity. Change from Import to calculate on normals and tangents. Experiment around with both settings. You also need to be sure your faces / normals are facing the right direction in Blender before importing. Hit ‘N’ in blender, goto display, be sure you have backface culling turned on. If faces are looking the wrong direction, select them in edit mode and Ctrl+F to flip them. Also will help if you enable GLSL instead of multitexture, and change your view in blender from solid to Textured, add some lighting if needed. Remember to Ctrl+A in Blender to Apply Scale before importing to Unity as well. I’m not sure if you’re doing .blend or exporting to fbx, I usually just import the .blend file directly. Oh, and be sure you’re unwrapping the model in Blender or you’ll get a solid color model with no texture. Hope this helps.

Oh man, I hope this works. I’m so sick of color only partially or not-at-all transferring to unity from blender.