Materials-Generation removed in Unity 4?

I’m going through a book and one of the steps it wants me to take when importing a model is to set the Generation under Materials to Per Texture but it is no where to be found when looking at the model import settings. So was this removed? I just want to make sure I’m not overlooking anything.

Also noticed there isn’t a Split Animations under the Animations tab either. Was that too removed?

Model import stuff has seen major changes in Unity 4, partly because of the introduction of Mecanim.

Animations are now automatically split out, and you can control this process by going to the model in the Project, then clicking on the Animations tab at right. Under ‘Clips’ you’ll see a list of clips, and that interface is where you can change how animations are being split out.

As for materials, you can read up on how materials are generated here: Unity - Manual: Model tab