Mathf.Lerp supposed to be in Update()?

I am experimenting with some mathf.Lerp… (nothing I haven’t done before) but I can’t figure out why my numbers keep resetting every frame? Isn’t Matf.Lerp supposed to interpolate from a to b?
anyways… Here’s my code simplified:

void Update()
   if(someBool == true)
      someFloat = Mathf.Lerp(0, 10, Time.deltaTime * 3);

The third parameter should always be in the range [0…1]. Rewrite your method to normalize the value properly.

Time.deltaTime is the time in seconds elapsed between this frame and last frame.

Time.deltaTime * 3 is the time it takes to render 3 frames. It will probably be around .05 but will never reach 1 unless your game is seriously lagging.

Lerp will give you a value between the first value and the second value based on where the third value is between 0 and 1.

So it will output something like 0.5 every time, varying based on your FPS.
You’re not incrementing anything so it will not increase.

I don’t get why Lerp is so hard for people to understand.