Max 8 FBX import issue, normals being flipped

alt text

OK I’ve run into this before a few time and the usual way it’s fixed is to go back into Max 8 and select the parts that are causing the problem and click on polygons and select all and then flip them and re import the model back into Unity 3D. But this time it’s not working!!

Here you can see in the “Preview pane” (Lower right hand corner) that the model looks fine but in the scene view (Upper Left Hand corner) you can see that the “Normals” are “Flipped” not only are they flipped but they are catching the light wrong too!! WTF, this must be another fine Unity bug in the latest version.
I’ve tried reimporting the model several different ways even just dragging in the native Max 8 file and nothing seems to be fixing this rather annoying problem. I tried flipping the normals on the head in Max 8 and re Unwrap UVW mapping the head again to no avail?? I’ve been at this all day trying to figure it out.

Does anyone know why this is happening and have a fix? I’m using the latest indie version of unity 3D & Max 8 with the latest FBX exporter.

I had the same issue with an animated character. I found that if your mesh doesn’t have a reset Xform modifier applied before rigging process, then this mesh will be displayed with normals flipped in Unity. Otherwise if you have already a rigged mesh you can insert the Reset Xform modifier under the Skin modifier (image attached).

With the Xform modifier attached I exported the mesh without those warning messages. Then in Unity i had the mesh properly displayed with a directional light casting shadows correctly with the default diffuse shader.

I hope you can find this practical. Thanks! … Bad english, I know (6_6’) sorry