Max angular velocity bug

The maxium angular velocity permitted for any rigid bodies. This can be overridden per rigidbodies with scripting. (Default 7) [ 0, infinity ].

Unfortunately, the quote above (which appears if you roll on the “Max anglular velocity” text field, under Project settings > Physics) says something false.

Setting it to 0 result in bodies having no velocity at all (I apply torque, they don’t move) instead of setting the limit to infinity. Setting any other value results in normal bodies behavior.

Is this a bug?

[X, Y] means “Between X (inclusive) and Y (inclusive)”. (that’s as opposed to (X,Y], which means “Between X (exclusive) and Y (inclusive)”)

These are the values allowed in the field. You can assign Physics.maxAngularVelocity = Mathf.infinity in your initialization code (I don’t see a way to assign infinity in the physics settings).