Max density of terrain detail mesh brush too low after upgrading to 2019.1.

I recently upgraded from 2018.2 to 2019.1.1. I have a lot of terrains in the scene that have grass detail meshes painted on. After upgrading, I cannot get the terrain brush to a high enough opacity to match the old density that is already there. I used a solid brush and set the Opacity and Target Strength to 1, but it’s not enough.

This is a problem because I cannot match the current density of grass if I want to adjust the grass in certain areas, and increasing the detail resolution clears all of the already painted details.

The Detail Resolution is set at 512, and the Detail Resolution Per Patch is set at 8, the same values as before the upgrade.

Is there a way to increase the density of the brush even beyond what seems to be the maximum, or is there a way to increase the terrain’s detail resolution without losing the currently painted grass?

Here is a picture to show what I mean:

The old grass circled in the picture is the grass that was painted on before the upgrade. The new circled grass in the picture is the max density that I can seem to paint the grass after the upgrade.

I am having the exact same issue (link below).